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The methodologies of teaching English as a foreign language are: The Communicative Approach (CLT) where high importance is given to the interaction as a means and an end goal in learning English; specifically, and emphasizes communication in the foreign language through interaction.

Moreover, the other method of applied ligüistics or task-based approach (TBLT) is considered. It proposes a focus on the use of authentic language in meaningful tasks where English is used, such as: consudcting an interview, presentations, or talking on the phone. In this process, the emphasis is put on result over the accuracy of the language use.

I believe that the Flow Theory of learning is truly influential. It was developed by the American psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi (1975) and applied to the teaching of English as a second language; which proposes the existence of an optimal learning experience due to a personal, cognitive-emotional state, induced by balance between the challenge and the skills in the language tasks presented. It is characterized by focusing your energy, the total involvement with the task and of success in performing the activity. Thus, ensuring the student's interest in learning, stimulate his or her motivation, and effectively improve his or her participation before optimal input.


How do we apply these methods and influences in our classes?

The goal is for students to develop and master the four language skills or linguistic competences: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Thus, we aim not only to learn at your own pace and time, but also almost imperceptibly, and naturally by being absorbed in an activity, thus achieving an optimum performance.

To create optimal learning conditions, our proposal includes:

• Motivating classes, with clear objectives. We help you to find the balance between your abilities' level and the challenges, you become the protagonist, the emphasis is on communication, the use of media, your personal advancement, all adapted to the needs and requirements of the students and/or your company.

• the classes are up-to-date, informative, cheerful, varied, culturally and linguistically interesting. Also, we use the most updated media, fully qualified and trained teachers in all subjects.

"There are rules of use without which the rules of grammar will be useless" - Dell Hymes